Spring term shows

Here are the new shows from the new crews. Some old some new! We have also put up the radio 4 coding interview and the world book day extravaganza.

Christmas Shows

Its been a great term of radio. We’ve all really enjoyed it, and we hope you have too! We’ll be back in the new year with some brand new shows. Until then, enjoy our Christmas specials.

A New Crew

So we start again. With a new crews for the new years.

Leavers 2014

Well you’ve been great! Thank you to: Giacamo, Harry, Emily, Mariya, Brandon, Zeinab, Kheria, Caleb, Louis, Callum, Cameron, Katie, Lauren, Adam and Jake. And I hope that I’ve not forgotten anyone.
I know they’ve a radio staion at Heaton Manor so if you go there then keep it up, if not I do hope you’ve enjoyed it. Miss Collins and I certainly have.

Our Final Term

Our latest shows! Our Creativity Specials!

Year 6 Leavers Special

So the crew that started it all are done. This batch of children that you have been listening to have been doing it since the station opened it’s airwaves!!

Some weren’t here right at the end but did spend time in the Station. So this is thank you. Whether you were here all the time or only a short time. Thanks. You were great: Abigail, Adam, Ethan, Alex, Lewis, Melissa, Lucy, Bethan, Kate, Savannah, Josh, Samiyah, Farzana, Mrugaya, Calvin, Damien, Varun, Leah, Kyle and William(I do hope I haven’t forgotten anyone).

Keep at it.

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Here you will find past broadcasts. They might be on the pages or scroll down in the posts. We cannot publish the music of artists due to copyright laws. Basicallly we are not allowed!